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Universal Tele-Audiology Solution for Remote Programming of Hearing Aid Devices via Computers and Smartphones

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Currently Under Development: Universal Remote Programming of ALL Hearing Devices

InnerScope's universal tele-audiology solution for professionals to remotely program hearing aid devices. The FlexiHub Software is a revolutionary USB over Ethernet technology allowing total secure access and connection remotely via the internet, for sharing of USB port devices to any remote computers located anywhere around the world or using an Android smartphone. InnerScope plans to market and distribute its Tele-Audiology solution to the global audiological community as well as integrating this advanced software technology for its direct-to-consumer and B2B audiological solutions. This will give the company a distinct advantage over the current global distribution and delivery of hearing aid devices. Tele-Audiology, is a subset of tele-health, referring solely to audiological practices.

The FlexiHub can be used by all of the tens of thousands hearing care professionals ("HCPs") to be able to deliver more efficient professional hearing care to the consumer by streamlining the hearing aid fitting and adjustment process.

This new universal Tele-Audiology solution allows the HCPs to better leverage their time and the consumer's time by reducing the number of clinic visits for fine-tuning adjustments of the hearing aid devices. The HCPs, by using the FlexiHub, can remotely program and adjust their patients hearing aid devices without the patient coming to their clinic. The FlexiHub allows the HCPs to use the same protocols in programming and adjusting hearing aid devices as if the patient was sitting right in front of them in their clinic. This will give HCPs the ability to grow their practice and increase their hearing care services.

InnerScope plans on marketing the FlexiHub not only to the world-wide HCPs but also for its e-commerce direct-to-consumer "DTC" hearing related products and Over-the-Counter "OTC" hearing aid devices. The FlexiHub will give the Company and its DTC customers the ability to have direct access to the HCPs which allows the hearing aid user to have more control over their hearing aid fitting and adjustment process while in their comfort of their own home or on the go by using their smartphone. InnerScope management believes this new type of communication and direct access relationship with the consumer will not only increase the number of sales of hearing aid devices across all distribution platforms, but will also provide a higher level of the hearing aid user satisfaction and more successful hearing outcomes.

InnerScope plans to monetize this exclusive Tele-Audiology solution through a monthly or yearly subscription to HCPs as well as hundreds of millions of the hearing aid users or the use of any hearing augmented technologies. The Company will also have the ability to white label the software and sublicense the use for other Tele-Audiology software platforms to global retailers and manufactures of hearing aid devices and other hearing augmented technologies.

A Universal Solution for a Global Crisis

Huge Untapped Market for Many Reasons


"This unique software technology is just what the audiological community needed," said Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies. "With the new advances in hearing technology by multiple manufactures, there is no universal solution for the professional or the consumer to manage these different technologies. The FlexiHub allows the Company to offer a game changing delivery and sales process for all hearing aid devices for the world of audiology as well the hundreds of millions of potential hearing aid device customers around the world to have better access to hearing solutions and audiology assistance without the need to visit their local audiological clinic."

"With the addition of this new universal Tele-Audiology solution coupled with having the exclusive world-wide license and distribution, we are very proud that the Company continues to expand and deliver its vast number of products and services within the global audiological and hearing aid industry," concluded Mr. Moore.

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