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Sterling Hearing Care

I have had Great Success with InnerScope Direct Mailing pieces. They have been Proving Results.

Sterling Hearing Care

Miracle Ear Reno-Sparks

Working with Innerscope has been great! In April we had a 6:1 ROI and May was 8:1 ROI, We haven't had results this good in a long time. Robbie and Matt are fantastic to work with and are great at what they do.

Brittany M.
Miracle Ear Reno-Sparks

King Hearing Aid Centers

When King HAC thinks of quality care and our brand connection to the word “care“, we did not know how to impart a compelling reason to visit our centers. Innerscope Marketing made our advertising compelling and created that ”call to action” for our target customers to “make an appointment” with our centers. That is what our “care” had to start with… appointments. Innerscope created appointments with their brand direction and marketing for King Hearing Aid Centers.

We at King are able to get the full advantage of Innerscope’s expertise in the Hearing Aid Industry. We count on them for integrating the best measuring algorithms to provide King the guidance on the effectiveness of our brand marketing solutions.

Tom Bosch
General Manager
King Hearing Aid Centers, Inc.

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 InnerScope Hearing Technologies has a proven track record of disrupting well-established markets within the Unites States of America with our products and services within a matter of months not years, can go from newcomer in the market to Market Leader, turning the competition in the market irrelevant.  InnerScope Hearing Technologies is now  deploying our products and services on the Global stage to help the 360+ Million people around the world suffering from some form of Hearing Impairment in any & all situations.

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