Buying Group & Best Practices Programs

Solutions to Expand Markets & Increase Margins


Solutions for purchasing products

InnerScope, through its Alliance buying group, has contracted with major hearing aid manufacturers to allow our members to buy their brand products through the group contracted price, which in-turn helps the manufactures customer account base grow through the buying group. Whether an Alliance member likes to have consolidated billing or take advantage of attractive pricing, the InnerScope’s Alliance buying group can help. The Alliance allows each member to leverage the purchasing power of all of the Alliance’s members network of independent hearing clinics.

  • No Minimum Unit Requirement
  • ALL Major Manufactures
  • Just ONE Monthly Bill with Attractive Terms


Exclusive Territory

Gain an exclusive territory with no competitors!

In addition, committed members of The Alliance, will have the opportunity to have an exclusive territory. So, members won’t have to worry about a competitor across the street that can potentially capitalize on the marketing and price strategies from the members marketing dollar.

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 InnerScope Hearing Technologies has a proven track record of disrupting well-established markets within the Unites States of America with our products and services within a matter of months not years, can go from newcomer in the market to Market Leader, turning the competition in the market irrelevant.  InnerScope Hearing Technologies is now  deploying our products and services on the Global stage to help the 360+ Million people around the world suffering from some form of Hearing Impairment in any & all situations.

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