Aural Rehab Program

What is Aural Rehab?

Aural Rehab or Auditory Training is the process of providing training and treatment to improve hearing for those who are hearing impaired. The focus is on adjusting to hearing loss, making the best use of hearing aids, exploring assistive devices, managing conversations, and taking charge of communication. The goal of auditory rehabilitation programs is to improve speech communication through the use of auditory training.


Why Is It Needed?

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates suggests that over 5% of the global population suffers from disabling hearing impairment. Moreover, nearly 15% of the global adult population is affected by some degree of hearing loss. Additionally, the estimates also suggest that approximately one-third of the population over 65 years of age suffers from disabling hearing loss.

The inability to communicate leads to a feeling of social exclusion, loneliness, and frustration, especially amongst the aged people.

The key in helping people hear better and to enjoy living better with hearing loss, is essential to treat both components, hearing loss and listening loss.

Our Solution: AWARE

AWARE is designed to rehabilitate and retrain the brain to comprehend speech better in difficult listening environments.

The AWARE program is specifically designed to help people improve their cognitive skills, i.e. (short-term memory) and communication skills so that people with hearing loss and those with hearing aids can get the most speech comprehension out of the sounds they still do hear.

Interactive Training Exercises

Our interactive training exercises are adaptive based on the person's hearing and speech comprehension level.

Enhances Language Skills

The AWARE program enhances the ability to communicate by maximizing listening skills and communication strategies.

Helps Rebuild Neural Pathways

These exercises support and rebuild neural pathways in the brain which restores the brain's cognitive ability to understand speech.

Using AWARE in a Retail Audiological Practice

AWARE is a simplified patient / business retention program designed to complement the practitioner’s hearing aid delivery protocol for their patients for all dispensing practices.  AWARE is designed with dual objectives:

  • Patient Retention – It is well documented that hearing aid returns decrease significantly once new hearing aid patients realize the need to rehab the brain’s ability to process the stimulus coming from acoustic sounds of their new hearing aids.
  • Business Retention – Auditory training and increased patient satisfaction, directly correlate with reduced hearing aid returns.

Other benefits include:

  • Patients have fewer needed appointments and adjustments
  • Patients have more confidence in socially difficult hearing situations
  • Patients report higher level of satisfaction with their hearing aids.

AWARE Increases Patient Satisfaction

Here’s what a Doctor of Audiology wrote about using the AWARE program in her practice in Minnesota:

“The addition of AWARE adds a little time on to the fitting, but reduces time during the follow up appointments.  My office schedules an hour for the hearing aid fitting – we spend about 25 – 30 minutes doing the counseling on care, use, and comfort and then the second half hour is dedicated to the first AWARE session.  This appears to be the best-case scenario of use /success.  After the first session that is facilitated by my PCC, patients can either come into the office at their convenience or take the disc home and continue the sessions on their home computers.  The first follow up appointment has changed significantly.  Before we used AWARE on every patient, we set aside at least 45 minutes for the patient to unload their frustrations on the first week – the paper crinkling, the background noise, etc. – but since the implementation of AWARE, we scheduled for 30 minutes and many times do not use the whole appointment.  The patient reports are much different as well – they are still surprised by many new sounds, but instead of being frustrated by them, patients actually say things like, “well, at _______ restaurant, I didn’t hear everything, but it’s because my brain wasn’t ready yet – I haven’t practiced enough.”  The focus of the appointment turns more to the responsibility of their brain rather than the computer that is in their hearing aid.  I’m finding that my additional follow up visits are becoming less necessary.  I used to keep in pretty close contact with the patients to ensure that they were working through the issues that I know come with hearing aids – and now, unless I have an actual reason for seeing them – such as real ear verification – the visit turns into a social call.  So – to condense this long-winded answer – AWARE adds about 40 minutes on to the first fitting appointment and then reduces all other visits by half.  When patients come back to my office for AWARE sessions, they are typically self-run… I don’t have any firm statistics – but people seem to be much happier – faster.  The expectations are in “check” so I don’t feel like I ‘m begging people to hang in there for the “ah-ha!” moment. I have had just one return since I started using AWARE – and it was for financial reason…the patient recognized the benefit of the aids.”

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