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InnerScope Hearing Technologies as a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of “Self-Fitting” FDA-Registered Hearing Aids, “Self-Fitting” Personal Sound Amplifiers Products, Hearing Related Treatment Therapies, Doctor-Formulated Dietary Hearing & Tinnitus Supplements, and assorted Ear & Hearing Aid Related Products is on a mission to improve the quality of life of the more than 60 million people in North America and the 1.2 billion people worldwide who suffer from hearing impairment and hearing-related issues. 


What We Do

InnerScope Hearing Technologies founders have helped Tens of Thousands of Hearing Impaired Consumers over the Decades & is Continuing the Mission of Helping People in North America & Around the World.


Corporate Owned Brick & Mortar Audiological Clinics and Hearing Aid Retail Stores.  Current Locations in Northern California and a Strategic Expansion Roll-Out Plan for the entire West Coast of the United States.

The Hearing & Tinnitus Supplement formulations are specifically designed with a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that medical research indicated may slow the progression of age-related hearing loss and help moderate Tinnitus symptoms while maintaining hearing and brain health.

InnerScope is a Verified Wholesaler with Walmart for Premium Affordable Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids, Personal Sound Amplifiers, & Hearing Health Accessories. 

InnerScope’s Hearing Loss Awareness Program with its Unattended Automated FREE Hearing Screening Kiosk & Point of Sale Kiosk directly targets the Untapped 41 Million Americans to create awareness and to take immediate action if a hearing loss is detected. 

InnerScope Hearing Technologies Offers a FULL Range of Premium Affordable Direct-to-Consumer Hearing Aids and Hearing Health Accessories. 

Hearing & Tinnitus Vitamins Retail Vendors 

InnerScope Hearing Technologies offers its proprietary formulated vitamins with an Easy Shopping Experience with & AmazonPrime. InnerScope has multiple new partnerships in progress to create additional online and brick & mortar distribution of InnerScope proprietary vitamin line.



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