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DTC Pics

Multi-Billion Dollar Untapped Market

The “Hearable”, “Wearable”, “Personal Sound Amplification Products” (PSAP), and the NEW Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid markets created by a result of recently passed congressional legislation H.R.1652 - Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act of 2017 (OTC). With the “Hearable” market alone expected to be $23.24 Billion by 2023 according to “Research and Markets,” INND will invest in “Hearable” technology as well as creates its own brands and technology in the PSAP and OTC Hearing Aids, Direct-to-Consumer Markets.

Given the rapid growing PSAP market which is estimated to be 4.5 billion dollars in the US market alone, this partnership deal expands and broadens InnerScope Hearing Technologies presence in the this new emerging PSAP’s and Hearables markets. Personal Sound Amplification Products PSAP’s can be purchased directly by the consumer, without the need for a consultation from a hearing healthcare professional. There are FDA regulations for labeling products as personal sound amplification products but there are no regulations for manufacturing standards of PSAPs.


A Direct-to-Consumer Solution Integrated with Hearing Health Care Professionals

A Strategy for the Future

All Hearing Health Care Professionals using the InnerScope Hearing Technologies PMS system and the Buying Group members will have a direct connection to all the consumers that use the InnerScope DTC services and products.  This will allow create more revenue opportunities for the Hearing Health Care Professionals throughout the world.

Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAP)

Current Products Available for International Distribution:

Teeny for website

Introducing Teeny

Teeny puts the most advanced electronic technology exactly where it belongs: out of sight. It’s “tiny” in size and hidden in your ear, yet delivers excellent sound amplification. The times when your customers may have worried that others would notice are over. They can relax. We made it disappear:

  • High quality sound using latest electronic technology
  • One size fits all
  • Nearly invisible
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle when placing or removing
  • Ambient noise reduction feature
  • Advanced feedback (whistle) suppression
  • Noise compression technology
  • 4 volume settings — activated by push-button
  • Flexible, powerful digital compression amplifier
  • Low battery signal
Crescent photo for Website2

Introducing Crescent

High quality sound using latest state of the art digital technology.
Unique patented design provides comfortable fit!
  • High quality sound using latest state of the art technology
  • Unique patented design provides a comfortable fit
  • One size fits all
  • Stays in place when active/exercising
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle when placing or removing
  • Use as either open fit or closed with included tips (most users elect not to use tips)
  • Ambient noise reduction feature
  •  Advanced feedback (whistle) suppression
  • 4 volume settings — activated by push-button
  • Flexible, powerful digital amplifier
  • Available in clear and beige

All Distribution Inquiries please email: Matthew@innd.com

Disclaimer: Our Crescent Personal Sound Amplifier and Teeny Personal Sound Amplifier or PSAPs are intended to amplify environmental sounds for non-hearing impaired consumers.  Examples of situations in which PSAP's typically are used include hunting (listening for prey), bird watching, listening to lectures with a distant speaker, and listening to soft sounds that would be difficult for normal hearing individuals to hear (e.g., distant conversations, performances).

Amplification is preset and is controlled by the wearer tapping the push button.

"Hearables" Products

Product Available for International Distribution Starting Jan 1st 2018:

snowowl 9

Introducing SnowOwl

SnowOwl is a compact wearable Bluetooth device that delivers audio matching your unique hearing profile and that can help you hear better in challenging hearing situations. With over 20 audio functions, SnowOwl is your-all-in-one programmable audio solution. SnowOwl is controlled with an iPhone or Android phone. SnowOwl has Clementine Wear inside, a new audio platform that recently won the 2017 National Science Foundation's Hearables Challenge.

Be smart. Hear smart. Wear a SnowOwl.

Snowowl 5

Just as everyone's fingerprints are unique, so is everyone's hearing profile. What sounds great to one person, might sound terrible to another.

SnowOwl delivers audio matching your unique hearing profile. It can also be used as a listening companion, even in the most noisy places. SnowOwl is great for people that occasionally have issues understanding speech-in-noise. For example on public transportation, busy streets, in restaurants and bars. And because of its directional microphones it is perfect for listening to someone giving a speech or a lecture.

All Distribution Inquiries please email: Matthew@innd.com

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 InnerScope Hearing Technologies has a proven track record of disrupting well-established markets within the Unites States of America with our products and services within a matter of months not years, can go from newcomer in the market to Market Leader, turning the competition in the market irrelevant.  InnerScope Hearing Technologies is now  deploying our products and services on the Global stage to help the 360+ Million people around the world suffering from some form of Hearing Impairment in any & all situations.

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